Nomad 4.0

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Eggplant and Aquarius Green
 Gloss Carbon and White

The Nomad's reputation is built on consistently pushing the envelope of how DH a bike can get while still remaining usable on most trails. With each iteration we nudge the travel and geometry further towards the outer limits, and each time we surprise ourselves at just how completely rideable the end result remains.

The fourth generation design sees a dramatic shift to the lower-link mounted shock configuration. This is the first time that learnings from years of V10 development have translated across to one of our trail bikes.

The shock rate is now almost completely linear—which means feather-light small bump sensitivity right off the bat, a supportive midstroke and overall progression that you'd normally only experience on a DH bike. To keep the gravity vibe going we've ensured the Nomad can run both standard metric coil shocks and lighter air units to suit any preference.

Full shock compatibility creates challenges when trying to cram everything into the precious bottom bracket area. But the continued evolution of our carbon tech means we're able to create a svelt, strong, swingarm/front triangle combo that's as much art as it is engineering.

We even managed to squeeze in a flip-chip feature on the lower link too. Think of the high setting as "regular", the way the bike's mostly meant to be ridden, and the low setting as being closer to full on DH status.

To handle all this new-found capability the geometry has adapted too. It's longer and lower-slung than ever to ensure maximum stability and confidence on absolutely everything.

The whole package is crowned with a raft of subtle yet essential details. Bolt-on downtube protectors and shuttle guards act as a helmet for your frame—a replaceable front line against abuse. An integrated shock fender has also been added to keep crud out of the suspension.

The crowning glory of the Nomad, however, has been in the making longer than the frame itself: the all new Santa Cruz Reserve carbon wheels.  Spec'd exclusively on the Nomad for now, you can read more about how these wheels came into being right here

Geometrie Daten: 



Reach 390mm15.35" 420mm16.54" 440mm17.32" 460mm18.11" 490mm19.29"
Stack 584mm22.99" 593mm23.35" 602mm23.7" 611mm24.06" 620mm24.41"
Lenkkopfwinkel   65°65° 65°65° 65°65° 65°65°
Sitzrohrlänge 375mm14.76" 390mm15.35" 420mm16.54" 450mm17.72" 480mm18.9"
Front Center 704mm27.72" 738mm29.06" 762mm30" 787mm30.98" 821mm32.32"
Höhe Tretlager 344mm13.54" 344mm13.54" 344mm13.54" 344mm13.54" 344mm13.54"
BB Drop 10mm0.39" 10mm0.39" 10mm0.39" 10mm0.39" 10mm0.39"
Radstand 1134mm44.65" 1168mm45.98" 1192mm46.93" 1217mm47.91" 1251mm49.25"
Kettenstrebenlänge 430mm16.93" 430mm16.93" 430mm16.93" 430mm16.93" 430mm16.93"
Lenkkopflänge 90mm3.54" 100mm3.94" 110mm4.33" 120mm4.72" 130mm5.12"
Oberrohrlänge 540mm21.26" 573mm22.56" 596mm23.46" 619mm24.37" 653mm25.71"
Sitzwinkel 74.5°74.5° 74.5°74.5° 74.5°74.5° 74.5°74.5° 74.5°74.5°
Überstandshöhe 710mm27.95" 712mm28.03" 728mm28.66" 726mm28.58" 724mm28.5"


Reach 386mm15.2" 416mm16.38" 436mm17.17" 456mm17.95" 486mm19.13"
Stack 587mm23.11" 596mm23.46" 605mm23.82" 614mm24.17" 623mm24.53"
Lenkkopfwinkel 64.6°64.6° 64.6°64.6° 64.6°64.6° 64.6°64.6° 64.6°64.6°
Sitzrohrlänge 375mm14.76" 390mm15.35" 420mm16.54" 450mm17.72" 480mm18.9"
Front Center 704mm27.72" 738mm29.06" 762mm30" 787mm30.98" 821mm32.32"
Höhe Tretlager 339mm13.35" 339mm13.35" 339mm13.35" 339mm13.35" 339mm13.35"
BB Drop 15mm0.59" 15mm0.59" 15mm0.59" 15mm0.59" 15mm0.59"
Radstand 1135mm44.69" 1169mm46.02" 1194mm47.01" 1218mm47.95" 1252mm49.29"
Kettenstrebenlänge 431mm16.97" 431mm16.97" 431mm16.97" 431mm16.97" 431mm16.97"
Lenkkopflänge 90mm3.54" 100mm3.94" 110mm4.33" 120mm4.72" 130mm5.12"
Oberrohrlänge 541mm21.3" 574mm22.6" 598mm23.54" 621mm24.45" 654mm25.75"
Sitzwinkel 74.1°74.1° 74.1°74.1° 74.1°74.1° 74.1°74.1° 74.1°74.1°
Überstandshöhe 704mm27.72" 706mm27.8" 722mm28.43" 720mm28.35" 718mm28.27"


  • 148 mm Hinterbau
  • 170mm VPP™ suspension
  • 27,5 Zoll Räder
  • Schrägkugellager für maximale Steifigkeit
  • Bolt-on shuttle guard and downtube protector
  • Stellringzapfen rasten ohne Klemmschrauben ein
  • Doppelt abgedichtete Kugellager für lange Lebensdauer der Lager
  • Geschmiedete Ober- und Unterlenker
  • Vollcarbon-Rahmen und Schwingarm
  • Interne Carbonrohre sorgen für eine präzise und problemlose Verlegung der Schaltzüge und Sattelstützenleitungen
  • KIG-05 Aufnahme für Kettenführungskompatibilität
  • Gummiformschwingarm und Unterrohrschutz
  • Versenkter Unterlenker zum Schutz vor Steinschlag
  • Einzelner Schmiernippel am Unterlenker für eine schnelle und einfache Wartung
  • Tretlager mit Gewinde

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RockShox Super Deluxe Select Ultimate

Fahrergewicht Luftdruck
120lbs (54.4kg) 135 psi
140lbs (63.5kg) 155 psi
160lbs (72.6kg) 175 psi
180lbs (81.8kg) 195 psi
200lbs (90.7kg) 215 psi
220lbs (99.8kg) 235 psi

RockShox Super Deluxe Coil Ultimate

Fahrergewicht Federrate Vorspannung
120lbs (54.4kg) 300 lbs 1 turns
140lbs (63.5kg) 350 lbs 1 turns
160lbs (72.6kg) 400 lbs 1 turns
180lbs (81.8kg) 450-500 lbs 1 turns
200lbs (90.7kg) 500-550 lbs 1 turns
220lbs (99.8kg) 600 lbs 1 turns

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