Go Wilder


Saving weight means little without retaining an appropriate level of stiffness and responsiveness too. So we’ve taken all the acceleration and out-of-the-saddle sprint qualities of a carbon XC race rocket and fused them with a rear-end that still rails corners like a hardcore trail bike.

This unique XC-trail attitude is also reflected in the geometry. The head tube angle (67.1 degree) and reach (425mm) is a little steeper and shorter than a Joplin to meet the demands of aggressive climbing, yet the Wilder’s seat tube angle is a touch slacker and the chainstays a little longer than a Joplin too in order to retain that familiar Juliana confidence on descents. And talking of chainstays, each chainstay length is specific to the individual frame size; meaning riders of every height enjoy the same handling and performance no matter what.

Beyond the details, there are some bigger features that amplify this XC wild child’s abilities. Rapid rolling 29-inch wheels are paired with a 120mm fork to tame the feral lines and smooth the sketchiest of passing manoeuvres. There’s even room for two water bottles within the front triangle for bigger training and racing days.



    S M L
A Reach 412mm 438mm 458mm
B Stack 587mm 597mm 607mm
C Head Tube Angle 67.1° 67.1° 67.1°
D Seat Tube Length 405mm 430mm 470mm
E Front Center 695mm 724mm 747mm
F BB Height 340mm 340mm 340mm
G BB Drop 33mm 33mm 33mm
H Wheelbase 1126mm 1157mm 1183mm
I Chainstay Length 431mm 433mm 436mm
J Head Tube Length 90mm 100mm 110mm
K Top Tube Length 568mm 597mm 621mm
L Seat Tube Angle 75.1° 75.0° 74.9°
M Standover Height 744mm 746mm 745mm
N Eye to Eye Length


Key Features:


  • Available in:Carbon C & Carbon CC
  • Wheel size:29"
  • Front travel:120mm
  • Rear travel:115mm


Suspension System
Front Derailleur
No compatibility
Seat Post
Seat Clamp
Eye to Eye length
Fork Compatibility
BB Shell
73mm Threaded
Max Tire Size
Brake Types
PM 160mm
Water Bottle Mounts
Two inside main triangle
Fork Offset: 44mm

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Can you run 27.5" wheels on the Wilder?

No, 29" wheels only, front and rear

Is the new Wilder available as a frameset?

Yes, there are a limited number of Wilder frame-only options available. Contact your local dealer for more info.


155 165
165 175
175 185

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Heckler 29 2022 (Testbike)
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Kit: C S 2022, 29, 150mm

Veloladen Bern GmbH Jorgensen, Bern
+41 31 992 32 30

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