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The Heckler is about expanding your own trail map - accessing previously unreachable trails, unlocking less-used trails, and doing so independently. The full carbon frame and interchangeable 504wh battery keep the weight down compared to bikes with larger batteries but it's fast and easy to put in a fresh battery for even bigger, longer days.

Our bikes have always been about amplifying fun. Trailblazers like Greg Williams, Ash Smith, and Danny MacAskill weren’t asking for a dumbed-down ride up. Or down. They wanted something to push their riding to new levels and held maneuverability sacrosanct as the new tech was introduced.

27.5-inch wheels are lighter and easier to move around. The mixed-wheel option gives riders the confidence of a 29-inch wheel up front for traction and roll-over when you're caught off guard by technical features. But retaining the 27.5 rear wheel allowed us to keep the moderate chainstay length of the Heckler (445mm), which provides a snappy and easy-to-handle bike on tight, demanding trails. We did this without compromising on the standard Heckler’s geometry, so the bike’s character is still very lithe and accurate.

The new Shimano EP8 motor is lighter than the previous unit (380g), has more power (85nm versus 75nm), smaller volume (-10%) for greater ground clearance, less drag (50%), more heat resistant, and tuned to give more power in Trail mode. All this means it's even more capable of tackling longer, tougher rides.

And like every Santa Cruz bike, the Heckler is built for the rigors of true mountain biking. Shimano electronics were chosen for their refinement and reliability, while quality pivot hardware, easily replaceable radial bearings and no-nonsense internal cabling were considered with a mechanic's sanity in mind!

The Heckler’s boundaries aren’t defined by distance, laps, or time. The boundaries in our head that say, “Don’t bother”, “Turn back”, “Impossible.” Smashing these boundaries is what got us hooked on riding in the first place. Heckler’s not about taking things easy, it’s about making things possible.


Geometrie & Größe

Rollover table below to highlight frame dimensions.

Anzeigen: mm in
    M L XL XXL
A Reach 436mm17.17" 456mm17.95" 481mm18.94" 505mm19.88"
B Stack 613mm24.13" 627mm24.69" 641mm25.24" 664mm26.14"
C Lenkkopfwinkel 65°65° 65°65° 65°65° 65°65°
D Sitzrohrlänge 405mm15.94" 530mm20.87" 560mm22.05" 500mm19.69"
E Front Center 763mm30.04" 790mm31.1" 821mm32.32" 865mm34.06"
F Höhe Tretlager 348mm13.7" 348mm13.7" 348mm13.7" 348mm13.7"
G BB Drop R:6.1mm0" R:6.1mm0" R:6.1mm0" R:6.1mm0"
H Radstand 1208mm47.56" 1235mm48.62" 1266mm49.84" 1301mm51.22"
I Rear Center 445mm17.52" 445mm17.52" 445mm17.52" 445mm17.52"
J Lenkkopflänge 120mm4.72" 135mm5.31" 150mm5.91" 175mm6.89"
K Oberrohrlänge 598mm23.54" 623mm24.53" 652mm25.67" 685mm26.97"
L Sitzwinkel 75°75° 75°75° 75°75° 75°75°
M Überstandshöhe 744mm29.29" 742mm29.21" 757mm29.8" 739mm29.09"
N Eye to Eye Length        
  Seatpost Length 150mm150mm 170mm170mm 170mm170mm 170-175mm170-175mm
  Stem Length 50mm50mm 50mm50mm 50mm50mm 50mm50mm
  Crank Length 165mm165mm 165mm165mm 165mm165mm 165mm165mm


Key Features:


  • Available in: Carbon CC 
  • Wheel size: MX
  • Front travel: 140mm
  • Rear travel: 140mm
  • Drive Unit: Shimano DU-EP800
  • Battery capacity: 504wh


Vorderer Umwerfer
Keine Kompatibilität
Lenkungslager / Lenkkopf
Integrated (IS 41/28.6 IS 52/40)
Seat Clamp
150-170mm (27.5") | 140-160mm (MX)
Max Reifengröße
Brake Mount
DM 200mm - 1.5mm spacer needed for 203mm rotors - IE Shimano
Shock Mounting Bushing Front
Shock Mounting Bushing Rear

RockShox Super Deluxe Select Ultimate

Download the shock setup PDF for Heckler 27.5 and Heckler MX to get even more detailed sag, high/low rebound, and high/low compression recommendations for shocks below and get recommendations for the fork in each build.
Fahrergewicht Luftdruck Negativ-Federweg
100lbs (45.5kg) 95 psi 16-18 mm
120lbs (54.4kg) 115 psi 16-18 mm
140lbs (63.5kg) 140 psi 16-18 mm
160lbs (72.6kg) 160 psi 16-18 mm
180lbs (81.8kg) 180 psi 16-18 mm
200lbs (90.7kg) 205 psi 16-18 mm
220lbs (99.8kg) 225 psi 16-18 mm
240lbs (108.8kg) 145 psi 16-18 mm
260lbs (117.9kg) 270 psi 16-18 mm
280lbs (127kg) 290 psi 16-18 mm

Can I mullet my Heckler 27.5?

Yes, you can mullet your 27.5 Heckler, or buy a Heckler MX and it's already done for you. You cannot convert your Heckler or Heckler MX to 29, however. A 29 rear wheel will not clear the swingarm.

For even more information, visit the Heckler FAQ's page.


Can I replace my E-8000 motor with the new EP8?

No, each drive unit requires presets to be loaded onto it before being installed, as well as a new power button, speed sensor and display.

For even more information, visit the Heckler FAQ's page.


Where can I find additional technical information for my Heckler?

Check out the E-bike tech page, Shimano STEPS, and the bike archive for more information.

For even more information, visit the Heckler FAQ's page.

165 175
175 185
185 193
193 201

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